Department of Research and Development

• Job Description
1- Research on the latest knowledge related to the construction industry
2- Research, development keeping new technologies up-to-date
3- Effective communication with internal and external universities
4- Supporting scientific articles and theses
5- Communication and exchange with research and development departments of other public and private institutions
6- Implementation of operational programs
7- Special Report Compilation of management
8- Preparation of management flowcharts
9- Review the rules and issued instructions
- Successful negotiations with numerous international delegations such as 22 Italian companies, Big 5 and ... which led us to signing a contract with Daliform Group in Italy.
- Successful negotiations with CIS countries such as Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and etc.
- Effective presence in better introduction of U-Boot Beton® slabs inside the Territory.
- Effective participation in national and international seminars and conferences
- Investigating the laws and internal guidelines