Who Are We?

Thankfully, taking advantage of having a strong and creative board of management and employees, and approaching through the innovative building solutions, we could focus on needs of our country’s civil and construction section, using our experience in more than 150 projects all over the country. Since then, we are aiming to create and establish a special sector to create, design and manufacture U-boot Beton® formworks with the registration title of “U-boot double formworks” and using this patent in more than 150 projects such as Senates Housing Development (senators’ residential project) and numerous commercial, residential and industrial projects in more than 30 provinces all over the country. In 2015, with the strategy of leading the market in mentioned field, we invited Daliform Group (inventor and owner of U-Boot Beton® patent) and after having numerous meetings and visiting Nobon Group and board managers, we reached an agreement to have the sole ownership of U-boot Beton® and other patents (IGLU, Atlantis, U-Bahn Beton, Pratopratico and etc.) and exclusive partnership with Daliform Group in Italy. We are also proud to have Proff. Khalou, as board director of the firm.

- Alireza Sh'abani-CEO
Our Vision

Our aim is enhancing the current position and reach the top three companies in the field of new technologies in construction. Also being an active firm in foreign markets by achieving the following objectives:
- Vision, technical knowledge (Development of knowledge, transfer of the latest technologies and innovative technologies), Continuous improvement and development of cooperation and Futurology.
- Learning and innovation in firm by developing creative staff
- Strengthen the loyalty of our electorate.

Our Mission

Our mission is development of new technologies for building industry and increase the general awareness about their benefits and uses. We're looking to take advantage of new technologies, in line with retrofitting of buildings, efficiency and effectiveness enhancement and also reducing the environment pollution. Nobon Group, in collaboration with various groups operating in field of new technologies, has provided a new concept of construction using new technologies and products. Also developing the knowledge-based management in order to enhance productivity and creating distinct projects.

About Daliform

With its highly qualified team of engineers, the company continues being “a breeding ground of widely successful innovations”; innovations that have considerably improved construction methods over the past two decades with particular reference to ventilated under-floor cavities (IGLU’® and ATLANTIS, two-way voided slabs (U-BOOT BETON®) and one-way voided (U-BAHN BETON®) slabs to vehicle accessible lawns (PRATOPRATICO®, E.C.O. Pratopratico®, Easy Park®, Easy Ride, V-Green®). Daliform Group srl since 2009 inherited the prestigious and exclusive patrimony of knowledge and skills from Daliform srl of Pordenone, which has been characterised since 1993 by its ability to create advanced construction products in recycled products in order to finally resolve the problem of rising humidity as well as the concentration of Radon gas emerging from the subsurface. This entrepreneurial initiative was initiated in the early 90’s due to a law from the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (number 44 dated 23 August 1985) that, for the first time in Italy, regulated in detail the obligation to use ventilated under-floor cavities due to the strong concentration of Radon gas in the region. In comparison to traditional implementations (low walls and hollow blocks or attic) Daliform srl proposed its own innovative and revolutionary system of IGLU’ formworks that was met with clamorous success in a short period of time.