Technical Data

Technical Specifications: Technical requirements of hollow reinforced concrete slabs are in Road, Housing and Development Research Center, the exact specifications of concrete materials and reinforcement in the National Building Regulations No. 5 and specifications of U-Boot block, based on the instructions of Daliform Italy. In U-Boot slab implementation, it is recommended that materials are used with the following characteristics.


Properties of reinforcement used in these slabs is like the other parts of the structure and their size are calculated based on structural design. On the basis of part P-1-4-3 in National Building Regulations No. 5, reinforcement type AIII should be used as longitudinal reinforcement and reinforcement type AII as shear reinforcement which their exact specifications are in National Building Regulations No. 5.


With respect to these slab properties, concrete must be have higher slump rather than the other elements in structure in order to have a smooth slab. The considered slump can be met by using super-plasticizers that do not decrease the strength. Type of concrete in this slab is normal concrete with normal compressive strength.

U-Boot Beton Slab:

U-Boot beton is a recycled polypropylene formwork that was designed to create two-way voided slabs and rafts. The use of U-Boot beton formwork makes it possible to create mushroom pillars, with the possibility to have the mushroom in the thickness of the slab.